Football Player Labels NOW Updated for 2014!  ORDER TODAY!


Searching for Fantasy Draft Kits?  Brand new to market is the latest and greatest addition to the world of fantasy sports:  MOVE'M Magnetic Fantasy Draft Boards!  We are excited to offer the first Reusable Fantasy Football Draft Boards for your fantasy draft.

Until now, the choice for your fantasy football draft boards was a cardboard or paper draft board with sticker labels. With a MOVE'M Magnetic Fantasy Draft Board, you are now drafting with:

Unlike the competitors' paper boards and sticker labels, your new MOVE'M Magnetic Fantasy Draft Board  and player label magnets are reusable year after year!  And not just for your fantasy football draft.  You get ULTIMATE VALUE for your dollar because our boards are universal and can be used for multiple drafts and multiple sports.  Don't buy a new draft kit for each fantasy sports draft each season, invest in your MOVE'M fantasy football draft kit and save your dough to beef up your fantasy draft pool for whatever fantasy sport you play!

If you choose to, you can purchase a fully upgraded magnet pack the following season, or just go with a Player Magnet Expansion Pack to keep up with the newest relevant fantasy talent.

Our mission is to take your fantasy football draft to a new official level while saving you money in the long term.   Remember...YOU ONLY NEED TO PURCHASE A MOVE'M Magnetic Fantasy Draft Board ONCE!  We save you plenty of dough in the long run while giving you the highest quality draftboard option on the market.  Especially if you run multiple leagues or play other fantasy sports.

Thank you for choosing MOVE'M Magnetic Fantasy Draft Boards.  We have received many comments from commissioners and fantasy football players all over the country overwhelmingly applauding the idea of this product.  We welcome your comments and feedback.   Please feel free to email us at: .

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